The Suicycles @ Bar Deluxe on 04.02

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The Suicycles

The Suicycles are the dance rock outlet for Camden Chamberlain and his commune of deviants. A set from the band has the feeling of a cult experience. You are very likely to see a large group of very wild and attractive people at their shows engaged in various acts of debauchary. I once walked into the last song of a Suicycles show to find numerous female fans on the stage engaged in a heavy make-out session, a strange young man flashing his penis to the crowd while Chamberlain attempted a back flip off the stage. Consisting of Vanimal on drums, Kelazor von gorelust on vocals and keys, Camden Chamberlain on vocals, Black Rob on guitar and Creedo on bass, the band is a diverse group of musicians. Their sound is a mix of the indie electro pandemonium of bands such as Does It Offend You, Yeah? and the powerful rock of Queens Of The Stone Age, though many other elements seep through in a typical set.

On Saturday night, The Suicycles were in top form at their favorite venue, Bar Deluxe. Despite their rowdy reputation, I was pleased to find the band smoothly sailing through one of the best sets I have seen from a local band (and lately I have seen many great local sets). The band’s intention was to perform a long set of songs from their debut EP, 4 Psychotic Car Rides, as well as many tracks they have been sorting out for a future release. Though all of the set was extremely polished, the highlight for me was the guitar work of Sir Black Rob of Stroke. Roake effortlessly tore through short, yet complex guitar solos while he stomped wildly on a pedal that shifted the pitch of his guitar in the most drastic of tones.The vocals were clear and I could easily discern the drug-fueled episodes of loss that Chamberlain joyfully sang of.

As the set progressed, we were all taking note of the ever-increasing snow storm outside and then out of nowhere,we were all plunged into a dark silence as the power failed. For a moment, we didn’t know what would become of the night, however, Chamberlain grabbed an acoustic guitar as cell phone light began to shine.The audience beat on the stage to keep the beat and sang along, (yours truly was even invited to play some harmonica). The show went on for another half an hour and raised the spirits of all in attendance as we left to face the storm. The Suicycles showed us all that they were there for the music and for their fans, and I respect them for it. For some prime examples of the Suicycles sound, check them out at

and give a listen to my two favorites, “Vacation From The Sun.” and “Speaking In Tounges.”

The Suicycles