Top 5: The No-Nation Orchestra

Photo: Russell Daniels

The No-Nation Orchestra
More More More
Street: 09.27
The No-Nation Orchestra originally began as a solo project for Stephen Chai, demoing songs in his bedroom and copiously rewriting lyrics until finally (after several years) the work was ready to be introduced to friends Josh Dickson (drums), Weston Wulle (bass) and Mike Sasich (guitar). The core members of No-Nation formed, and the four began spending time in Sasich’s recording studio polishing their own version of an afrobeat sound. The end result is The No-Nation Orchestra’s More More More EP. The opening track is also the title track, setting the groove of the album. It’s a fine illustration of the polyrhythmic talents of Dixon and Wulle, both experts in laying down tempo. “Oh Now Baby” follows second, and is my favorite track on the release. It’s a great sing along number with blunt confessions of love and lust: “Oh Now Baby tell me what I gotta do to have you come over.” Track three, “Bloodsucker,” is an almost-acapella one minute and thirty-seven second verse. It shows off Chai’s beautiful falsetto voice while his dark lyrics provide contrast to its sweetness. The pace picks back up for the last two songs, “Find Me The Savory Sound,” and “Holy Holy.” These are dancing songs with infectious rhythms that demand physical interpretation. The No-Nation Orchestra’s debut EP is one of the strongest releases to hit the local music scene in years—comprised of just five tracks and clocking in at 22 minutes, it is short enough to leave the listener wanting exactly what the title suggests: more. Since its release, the group’s lineup has organically evolved and now boasts 12 members. More More More is available as a digital download from A transparent blue vinyl version is also offered, featuring an exquisite psychedelic portrait of Chai, illustrated by Sri Whipple.
–Angela H. Brown

Photo: Russell Daniels