Why? @ Kilby Court

Posted October 30, 2008 in
Kilby Court
Restiform Bodies


It might serve you well to know that you can get sushi for half price at different establishments almost every day of the week in Salt Lake City. I wouldn’t recommend half-price Tuesdays at Sapporo if you have plans later in the night though. I was there from about 6 p.m. to whenever Restiform Bodies finished their set. I thought I was allowing myself enough time, but the incredibly slow sushi chefs made it their mission to fuck up my night. I had to race to Kilby Court to make it in time for Why?.

That being said, I was probably more upset than I should have been now that I have checked out their music. It seems to be extremely hit or miss (on the same level as Xiu Xiu). Somebody said it sounded like if Oingo Boingo would have started a rap group. I got there just in time to make the rounds before Why? took stage. The crowd was fairly dense and extremely hipster. I also had time to use the restroom. While I was waiting I sort-of conversed with some extremely awkward teenage girls, who I finally realized were (would-be) groupies. They were waiting in line because lead singer Yoni Wolf, was taking a piss. So as I made my way to the now empty restroom I watched them giggle nervously and scuttle away in their neon-colored sneakers. I am pretty sure one of these girls is in my math class at the U, and I ended up staring at her for a good two minutes solid trying to figure out if it was her. I am pretty sure she now refers to me as “the creepy tall guy in my math class.” I am getting off topic though.

Why? had a pretty cool idea for getting people to the show immediately following this one at Urban Lounge, they played completely different setlists, no song twice. They played a pretty short set, to a fairly crowded Kilby, they had to hurry off to Urban. But the set the played was amazing. They honestly are one of the few bands out there who sound better live than they do on the album. It was pretty hard to see everything, but from what I could tell it was a pretty erratic stage set up. With Josiah Wolf and Yoni Wolf both playing partial drum sets and other random things, such as xylophones. I was introduced to Why? with the newer album Alopecia, and never took the time to appreciate Elefant Eyelash. This show forced me to rectify that. “Yo Yo Bye Bye” is fucking perfect and sounded just as it should. If I were an awkward teenage girl I would probably wait outside a filthy bathroom for these guys.