2015 Craft Lake City Mixer


The Craft Lake City mixer is a great opportunity to rub shoulders with the finest artists, entrepreneurs, and DIYers in our city. A gathering of those who share their gifts with Salt Lake City, the Craft Lake City mixer brings together exhibitors who will be presenting their wares and services at Craft Lake City’s DIY Fest from August 8th-9th. The event was organized by Craft Lake City and orchestrated by a handful of volunteers. There’s something uniquely reflective about knowing that you are in a room filled with people who are incredibly talented and have decided to make their talents and passions accessible to the community. So much creativity and hard work is represented through the individuals and businesses at this event that one cannot help but be impacted and inspired to support or contribute in our own way. A deserved reprieve, the Craft Lake City mixer is aimed at allowing the participants to engage with and for each other; laying aside for one evening the pressures and stresses of running your own business and building your dreams to cultivate relationships. I had the opportunity to witness these conversations and capture the people who are shaping and empowering our community.