The charcuterie board was a nice touch, thanks to Beehive Cheese and Creminelli meats. Photo: Talyn Sherer

Salt Lake Magazine’s 2018 Dining Awards

Food Festivals & Events

Salt Lake’s food scene is booming to say the least, and despite the variety of food that is offered around every corner, it has yet to receive the national, and even international, attention that it deserves. That being said, there is one place in particular that has continued to recognize the talent of Utah’s best chefs and restaurateurs: Salt Lake Magazine.

The 2018 Dining Awards were made even more special by the unexpected but well-deserved Golden Palate award, given to Executive Editor Mary Brown Malouf for her commitment to the restaurant community and people who keep them in business. The evening event was filled with laughter, tears and all around appreciation for everything that makes up the food community. From the best restaurants to the hall-of-famers, there was not a person in the room who left without feeling hopeful and excited about what Salt Lake is evolving into.

The Blue Plate Special Awards gave special notice to the businesses who have gone above the confines of serving food in-house to expanding the message of what food represents to the community. Restaurants like Laziz and Rawtopia, and brands like Rico have made a huge impact on the community by giving back to those in need and inviting them into the Utah community in an honest and open way.

While we celebrated the best that Salt Lake had to offer, we are reminded that it is the community that makes it all possible. Thanks to Salt Lake Magazine’s efforts to shine a light on Utah’s food culture over the years, Utahns can get out and explore new and exciting flavors they may have once overlooked.

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