Folks listen to music and talk with their friends. Photo:

A Vague Evening @ Vague Space 03.03


An old space is made new yet again with the opening evening of Vague Space, a retail, art and music venue in Sugarhouse. Vague Space, self-described as “a space for subcultures to come together as a community to showcase art, music and fashion in a safe, all-age setting,” “will sell items commonly not found in Salt Lake City related to popular subcultures in the area. We will work with artists who have [a] strong online and local presence in order to promote the shop and generate sales. Products that we carry will adapt with the artists, musicians and trendsetters we work with to bring in items that are in high demand.”

This mission rings true with the collaborators that inhabit this space, including Daley’s ClothingDiabolical Records, Velo City Bags and T R A S H P A C A, which sold merchandise and wares ranging from shoulder bags and boots to records and vintage, plaid shirts. Located at 819 E. 2100 S. in Salt Lake City, Vague Space welcomed visitors to listen to local music, check out the store and grab a cookie (courtesy of Velo City). Visitors could mingle upstairs while browsing new clothing and the local art lining the walls, or head downstairs to the basement for the evening’s music by DJs Nix Beat and Eric Jenson as well as bands Rebel Rebel, Los Yayaz and The Boys Ranch.

Artists featured included Squid Vishuss, Abraham Von Waffles, Heather Mahler, Ashley Love, Rachel Urban, Lars Love Letters, Korra Shadow, Jeremy Devine, Zoey Riches, Dane Goodwin and Kyle Wengler.

Check out this shop as more items make their way to their shelves. Follow along on Facebook and see what live music and new products will be featured in the future. And when you do make your way to the shop, make sure to pet the resident kitty cat.