The Avett Brothers, Cory Mon @ Red Butte Amphitheater 07.26

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On Sept. 26, American folk/rock band The Avett Brothers played at a favorite local venue, Red Butte Amphitheater. With Utah summer in full swing, locals and visitors, sponsors and families made their way to their spots on the sprawling grasses. With their camping chairs, blankets, coolers and sunglasses, people came as early as possible to get the best possible view of the stage.

Red Butte Amphitheater was full of eager concertgoers, who settled into their spots, beer or wine glass in hand and ready for the music to begin. Local musician Cory Mon took the stage with a guitar in hand and a kick drum at his feet. Self-described as “roots rock,” Cory had a calm yet engaging sound that provided a perfect buildup to the headlining musical act. Utilizing up to three instruments at a time, Cory Mon’s energy was felt throughout his music, in the lyrics and the stories behind them.

After a lively one-man set, the guests in the audience took a minute to refill their glasses, put some cheese on their crackers and put their kids on top of some standing shoulders for the best vantage point, just as the sun lowered enough to open both eyes.

The Avett Brothers took the stage, greeting their Salt Lake City fans and taking up their instruments. Consisting of brothers Scott (guitar) and Seth Avett (piano) as well as Bob Crawford (double bass) and Joe Kwon (cello), The Avett Brothers played a mix of playful folk, backcountry rock and bluegrass. Salt Lake City fans cheered and yelled for their favorite hits. As part of the annual season of Red Butte Outdoor Concert Series, everyone within earshot of the venue went all out on this summer evening.