Billy Idol @ The Complex with Bleachers & Priory 12.15.14


BILLY. FUCKING. IDOL. Excuse me for being crass, but my life simultaneously began and ended in a single night this past week. As a child, I fell in love with Rebel Yell that my mom owned on cassette and I listened to it religiousy on a mustard-yellow Sony Walkman with those sport headphones. 

On Dec. 15, local radio station X96 threw their 8th Annual Nightmare Before Xmas Concert with Billy Idol and special guests Bleachers and Priory at The Complex.

Priory opened the night and played their current hits including the song “Weekend”. Bleachers (who happened to have two drummers!) blew the crowd’s socks off with their hit song “Rollercoaster.”

Billy Idol kicked off his hour long set with “Dancing with Myself.” That’s when I nearly lost my pulse. Other huge hits he played through the night included “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,” “Mony Mony” and surprisingly “Generation X.”

This, in my opinon, was the last epic show of 2014. Thank you to The Complex and X96 for hosting such a memorable night.

Photos by M.A.BARATTA –