Twilight Concert Series 2015: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Father John Misty

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The second week of the Twilight Concert Series kicks off with headliner Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and accompanying act Father John Misty. While attendance was down from the previous week, the energy of the crowd was still high as Father John Misty and his traveling crew of talented musicians woke everyone up from their hangovers and got them in the dancing mood. The real beauty of the Twilight Concert Series is that bands you may have never heard of soon become a top track on your Spotify list, or whatever the hell you’re using to keep your eardrums working their membranes off. I, for one, was thrown into these bands first hand on Thursday night and, needless to say, I have already lined them up as personal favorites within their respective genres. Father John Misty has got that whole fuck-it attitude that I respect so much while his energy onstage is one that I really connect with as an artist. His engagement with the crowd is what truly draws you even deeper into his sound as each note comes roaring out of his larynx. Headliner Black Rebel Motorcycle Club clearly has a loyal fanbase that was ready and willing to start rioting if the band simply made the request. Their garage-rock sound brings out my inner punk and made me want to start a riot of my own in the photo pit. Regardless of my ignorance of both bands’ existence until Thursday night, they have both succeeded in winning me over as a fan. If this is what is to be expected of Twilight in the weeks to come, I better start clearing some room in my iTunes folder.