CrucialFest 5 Gallery: Area 51 – Day Two

Festival Coverage

Perfect lineup, decent sound and tons of energy made day two of CrucialFest 5 a blast. Odium Totus left the crowd surrounding the 21+ stage of Area 51 in ruins after their extreme set. Lupericus’ antics as he pounded bass frequencies out of his instrument intrigued the crowd as Aemilius laid them to waste with his intricate drum patterns. Oxcross increased the momentum with Taylor Williams’ intense performance of jumping around and screaming like a mad man. Demon Lung of Las Vegas, NV took the sound in a new direction with their psychedelic twist on doom metal. Vocalist Shanda Fredrick’s violent red hair radiated a witchy feel as her white dress glowed beneath the stage lights. Following was California’s Castle as the three-piece unleashed their unbelievably high energy on the audience. Liz Blackwell and Mat Davis hardly stood still as they thrashed around the stage with stand-in drummer Stavinski’s thunder providing a solid platform of destruction. The Ditch And The Delta cracked jokes throughout their set and despite some technical trouble with an instrument cable, they closed the show with a bang. Although the emcee introduced five of the six bands incorrectly, the atmosphere was electric.