Crucialfest 6 @ Art Garden, Metro Bar, Urban Lounge

Music Festival Coverage

Guys! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Crucialfest 6 has kicked the door down and face-melted its way into the summer sunshine, bringing its biggest lineup ever and extending to four days over three venues, including the Art Garden and Metro Bar, and Urban Lounge for the evening acts. Some astounding locals are on the bill, including Making Fuck, Exes, Despite Despair and Subrosa, joined by national badasses like InAenona, Sol, Ape Machine and Helms Alee, among many others. Heavy music is the foundation of Croosh, but mixed in with all that brutality this year are chill bands like Your Meteor and spoken-word artist Greg Bennick, making for a more varied and exciting mixed bill. With two of the three venues right next door to each other, it was a perfect setup to wander around and enjoy all the music one could handle—as well as getting out of the blazing sun for a few minutes. Wander upstairs to the art gallery at Metro Bar and get an eyeful of even more great local artists—visual this time—as you enjoy the music. The Bischoffs have worked harder than ever to bring this fest to SLC, and it only gets better and better.

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