Enslaved @ Bar Deluxe 03.13 with YOB, Ecstatic Vision, SubRosa

Show Reviews

So let me start by saying this: I totally fucked up this time. The last show I shot at Bar Deluxe didn’t start until an hour and a half after the time listed in print—so I figured that I had some breathing room before Subrosa began their set. I was dead wrong. I arrived at Bar Deluxe at 8:45pm,  just barely in time to catch the final two songs of Ecstatic Vision’s set, missing SubRosa completely. Never in my life have I seen two professional bands play entire sets in under a single hour—that must constitute as some kind of black metal world record.

YOB put on a hell of a show and further affirmed my belief that nothing can top a solid power trio. Enslaved, well, what can I say? They are the gods of progressive viking black metal for a reason. 

Always arrive early to everything, no matter what.