Fluid Art Spring 2016 @ UMOCA


With Utah’s breweries—both the longer-lived and the newest ones to hit the scene—handily making some of the finest beers in the region, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, in partnership with the Utah Brewers’ Guild, opened its doors to guests for an evening of art and libations. Many local representative brewery owners and brewmasters hosted their own tasting stations placed in and all around the UMOCA interior.

The event opened its doors to the public at 6 p.m. and already, patrons were eager and waiting. Checking in and grabbing a tasting cup as well as a guide to the available selections of beer, guests made their way through room after room, exhibition after exhibition. On both floors of the museum were stations for refills along the way from Wasatch, 2 Row, Hoppers and more. Each brewery greeted the thirsty individuals with a fresh fill of their brew and a helpful breakdown of the flavor, date of release and ingredients for their particular beer.

The beer was definitely a draw for attendees, but the art crowds are always out and about on a Friday evening to garner some art gallery inspiration. Providing more installations of the thought-provoking and the bizarre, UMOCA had a lot to offer: collages, robot portraits with security camera heads, 3-D artistic portraits and even an odd yet engaging music video with an over-the-top, pro-America satire with distinctively ’80s Saturday morning PSA vibe.

As the building filled with more and more characters sporting anything from cut jeans to full-on multi colored pant suits, this event is most definitely a fine mix of the diverse and growing sub-cultures that make Salt Lake City the gem it is.