Gods, Heroes and Monsters Art Exhibit @ Studio Elevn 05.17

Posted May 20, 2014 in Photos
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Gods, Heros and Monsters, held at Studio Elevn in downtown Salt Lake City, featuring pieces and performances from various local artists curated by Anne Cummings.

Artists included Steven Larson, Jenevieve Hubbard, Matt Monson, Jon Lang, Philip Lambert, Jeffrey Hale, Portia Snow, D Hake Brinckerhoff, Randall Lake, Zeke Higham, Vio Wolf, Hilary W. Jacobsen, Sri Whipple, Isaac Hastings, Tyler Bloomquist, Adrian Prazen, Joshua Johnston, Mesun Choi, Lisa Aerin Collett. Performances by Jenevieve Hubbard and Jorge Rojas.

Photography by Logan Sorenson / LmSorenson.net