(L–R) Shea Ledesma, Adrian Evans and Matthew Windsor host an opening party for their Gold Blood Collective BMX bikes and style shop on 1526 S. State Street in Salt Lake. Photo: John Barkiple

Gold Blood Collective Grand Opening 08.05


Take equal portions of LA’s On Some Shit (OSS) and Thee Block, then add a dash of Layton’s 5050 Bike & Skate, and you’ll approximate the BMX sport/style blend percolating at Gold Blood Collective on 1526 South State in Salt Lake City.

SLUG photographer Matthew Windsor, Adrian Evans and Shea Ledesma intend to foster an arts community centered on BMX street style clothing brands and local artists through sales, events and collaborations. Windsor anticipates a variety of ways that artists and vendors can move merchandise through the Gold Blood Collective storefront: wholesale, consignment and pop-up store.

The space is currently stocked with BMX bikes, mugs, T-shirts, hoodies and hats. And for tonight’s opener, it’s all pushed aside to create a dance space with room for bands in the corner. Corvette Boys, Radius and Swell Merchants kept it loud inside, and a Meth & Macaroni pop-up kept it cool on the sidewalk. It was a welcoming scene filled with friendly artists and enthusiasts.

Windsor is excited to host DRUX Clothing, Division Brand and Meth & Macaroni. The two main bike brands Gold Blood works with are Cult and Animal Bikes. Other makes and models are available by special order from Gold Blood, too.

Salt Lake is thriving, and the commercial revival along this stretch of State Street includes an expanded SLCC campus, the Watchtower Café, Tosh’s Ramen, Uprok and Ironclad Electric Tattooing.

Keep an eye on the @goldbloodcollective Instagram account. With future shows already booked, the Gold Blood Collective looks like it’s already creating a fresh BMX art/sport/style scene at 1526 South State Street.

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