Jim Gaffigan tells audience members that he apprecites them coming out, but to not to try to convert him. Photo: Lmsorenson.net

Jim Gaffigan, Ted Alexandro @ Vivint Smart Home Arena 12.02

Show Reviews

Jim Gaffigan has been entertaining audiences for more than a decade with countless TV and movie appearances, but his comedic talent most shines in his stand-up specials. His DVD special, Beyond the Pale, quickly embedded every line into the memory of anyone who watched the hour-long special, from the immortalized observations from “Hot Pocket!” to his signature bit featuring an audience member’s internal monologue. A few years later, we were treated to other specials, like Mr. Universe, Obsessed and King Baby. These hilarious segments, along with multiple book and audio releases and too many late-night television appearances to count, has made Gaffigan a household name. Now, with The Jim Gaffigan Show in its second season, Gaffigan saw a warm Salt Lake City welcome for his Fully Dressed Tour at the Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Thousands of ticket holders entered the home of the Utah Jazz, grabbed some beer and took their seats, filling in sections from the nosebleeds to the court side, all the way to the stage at the center of the house. After a chance to settle in, the audience is asked to welcome supporting comedian Ted Alexandro to the stage. With a short introduction, Alexandro tells the audience how he used to be a music teacher and how he observes and takes in classical music broadcasts. Alexandro proves the entire set that he can read an audience and lead them into his own thought process, while reminding them about the little everyday hilarities.

After the all-too-brief opening act, Gaffigan is announced without any break. Coming onto the stage like a basketball team of one, Gaffigan marches through the uproarious applause and the aisles of fans clapping and standing in a giddy anticipation. With the mic in hand, Gaffigan blasts happy audience members with one joke after another, whether it be it about tight pants, fry sauce, personal trainers and attempts at converting Brian Reagan to the LDS faith. Without spoiling any of the punchlines, this photographer can unequivocally say that people better make their way into Gaffigan’s next Vivint show on Dec. 9—or, be very envious of those who already have tickets to this very special event.