A stunning example of insane craftsmanship at the Junction City Chopper Show.

Junction City Chopper Show


What happens when you combine beers, bikes and shenanigans? One might say pure bliss. What’s pure bliss look like, you ask? Look no further than the Junction City Chopper Show, held up in O-Town at the oh so illustrious Yes Hell bar off 24th Ave and Grant. It featured live music, vendors, street tacos, cheap drinks and—you guessed it—super rad custom choppers. Bike builders, enthusiasts, craftsmen and local connoisseurs of fine fire water gathered for what turned out to be an absolutely amazing event. The bikes showcased were of top-notch caliber when it comes to style, attention to detail and build quality. Not to mention some of them seemed more like they rolled out of a mad scientist’s lab than a bike shop: Front forks made from old mining drill bits, a turbocharged diesel engine slammed into a tiny little frame and combustion engines slapped onto downhill mountain bikes just for the sake of being able to say you did it. It was all there, and not a single bike showcased failed to impress.

If the bikes weren’t enough, several vendors were on hand slingin’ some of the finest wares this side of the Wasatch. Everything from leather bags, holsters, jewelry, vintage knick-knacks, collectibles and pretty much any kind of riding accessory one could want were there. To top it all off, The Yes Hell bar staff kept the cheap drinks flowing all day, so much so that halfway through the event you were asking yourself why your cup wasn’t getting any emptier despite the fact you were drinking all day. All this being said, I definitely hope we see this become an annual event and can’t thank all the people involved with the Junction City Chopper Show enough for curating such an amazing culmination of radness into one place. Keep up the great work guys!

All photos by Bonneville Jones.

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