K. Flay with Donna Missal @ The Complex 05.06

Show Reviews

Downtown Salt Lake City, just beyond The Gateway, past the gravel and toward the sunset. People arrived at The Complex as soon as doors open and continue packing it in well after sundown to hear some music. On the menu tonight is American singer and songwriter K.Flay with musical guest Donna Missal. Fans of all ages take control of the floor and front of house, some 21 and over opting for a drink in the mezzanine.

First to the stage is Donna Missal, accompanied by a bass and a suitcase full of attitude. Smoky, sultry and powerful, Missal takes the audience by storm as track after track continues to build her sound. The performance reminds the crowd of Joplin, with that soulful, sweet damage and passion that make the murmur of “she’s amazing” ever present throughout the evening.

During the set break, concertgoers eagerly await the headliner. People grab some shirts, a drink or maybe a churro at the snack stand. And before anyone knows it, it’s time for K.Flay to take the stage, arriving to a barrage of cheers and applause before starting up with fan-favorite tracks. The crowd, getting warm and cozy, sways as one with fists in the air. A vibe of yearning, excitement and energy felt through the set. K.Flay plays a mix of slower, electronic, hits as well as more hip-hop-influenced tracks such as “No Duh” and “So Fast, So Maybe” off the self-titled album.

Everyone is dancing in the dark next to the friends they walked in with and the new ones they’ve made, enraptured by the vocals, the performance and the evening at The Complex in SLC.

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