The Kills, L.A. Witch @ The Depot 05.28

Posted June 1, 2016 in Photos,

The Kills came to Salt Lake City’s The Depot on May 28. Consisting of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, this indie-rock duo treated a packed house to the new music and hits that all the fans were waiting to hear. At this all-ages show, 21 and older folks were sequestered to the mezzanine for their beverages of choice while the crowded lower floor had all of the kids and diehard fans up front and screaming with excitement.

Touring with The Kills are the accurately self-described “REVERB-SOAKED PUNKED-OUT ROCK” group L.A. Witch. This powerful, long-locked ensemble of members Sade (vocals/guitar), Irita (drums) and Ellie (bass/vocals) took the stage and filled the audience’s ears with tune after tune of their subdued yet powerful punk sound.

The audience members consisted of all ages, with show-goers ranging widely from young teens on painfully obvious first dates to girls hanging out, guys hanging out, and hell, there was even a French family. All anxiously awaited for The Kills to take the stage while enjoying the opening musical guests.

The Kills finally took the stage with band in tow. Wasting no time, Hince strummed away as Mosshart took the mic, feet unstoppable. With high energy and a visible love for the music and fans, both members were not shy about moving to the beat and making the audience feel involved in the moment. After a couple songs, Mosshart headed to the rear of the stage and grabbed her guitar as the fans screamed at the top of their lungs, while Hince was engrossed in his guitar solo. Back at the mic, Mosshart joined Hince to bring full flavor with vocals and guitar in swing. During a break, Mosshart asked the audience if they liked the new music from the evening: This was incredibly obvious, as you could barely hear the next song start from all of the audience’s cheering affirmation.