KRCL Turns 30!

Posted December 17, 2009 in Photos
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Issue 360 – December 2018 cover art

december Issue

ABOUT THE COVER: Intangibles and the impossible become veritably real through literature, reading and writing. For our second Local Literary Issue, David Habben (Habbenink) captures the physical, gestural and conceptual in-betweens of this figure’s act of reading—an imprint of how we assemble words in our psyches. Find more of Habben’s work at

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Joel Long is one of a handful of volunteers who help to evoke literary magic at the free CITYART reading series at the Downtown Salt Lake City Public Library. Photo: Scott Frederick
Photo Courtesy of Netflix
(L–R) Alec Stanczyk, Matt Baird, Riachle Child and Jaxon Harrop push boundaries by providing as one of the only heavy-music instrumental bands in Utah. Photo:
Stephanie Leaks intertwines their sensory sensitivity with their writing skills to provide a unique reading experience. Photo: Colton Marsala
Mike Brown finds the Christmas spirit in the fact that kids still love to get and play video games for Christmas. Illustration:
In her essay Desert Cabal, Amy Irvine takes on Utah’s beloved Edward Abbey and Desert Solitaire with an intersectional-feminist response about wildness and environmental issues. Photo: Christy Calvin
Photo Courtesy of Lionsgate
The added java may not affect the color, but it is a stronghold on the aroma. Photo: Chris Hollands
Sage Kotsenburg – Mid-Frontside 7 – Brighton Resort Backcountry, Utah. Photo: Jack Dawe
Giuliana Serena curates The Bee to bring people together through participants telling and hearing true, personal stories. Photo: Trevor Christensen
(Center–Right) Brandon Long and Kase Johnstun interview Amanda Luzzader (Left) in Booked on 25th in Ogden for the LITerally Podcast. Photo: John Barkiple
Kendall Woodhouse – Nose Slide – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Jack Garcia is the Editor and co-creator of Utah Valley’s peculiar literary journal and hopes to create a platform for fellow LGBTQ+ creatives. Photo Courtesy of Jack Garcia
Tucker White likes to think of writing as sharing his journals with the public through a lens of a different character. Photo: