Lake Street Dive @ Eccles Theater with Robert Finley 09.09

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On a sunny September evening in Salt Lake City, grab a bite, grab a beer and take a stroll downtown and you may find yourself walking into the Eccles Theater with a ticket in your hand, ready to see a live show. Lake Street Dive returns to Salt Lake City to play after the release of their new album “Free Yourself Up.” Fans ages 18–80 line up to get their concessions, an album on vinyl and take their seats.

First up to the stage, Robert Finley— American blues and soul singer-songwriter and guitarist from Louisiana– along with accompanying keyboardist and back-up vocalist. Playing a medley of old time-y, gritty and sexy blues tracks, this performance is audibly appreciated as audience members “woo,” whistle and clap throughout the set (despite some technical difficulties with a possibly soon to be “pawned” guitar and amp).

With a short intermission and set change, Lake Street Dive takes the stage with an electronic countdown and a dark stage to pique the anticipation. To an uproarious applause and various “I love you Rachel’s”, members Rachael Price (Vocals), Bridget Kearney (Double Bass), Mike Calabrese (Drums), Akie Bermiss (Keyboard) and Mike Olson (Guitar) take their spots and begin to play a few new songs from the new release. Watching the band on stage, you can tell that they enjoy their craft. They are a musical family with head-nods, sneaky smiles, and impressive talent being poured into each instrument and each track ends with an immediate wave of cheering from the audience.

Whether you arrived with some friends, with a date or flew solo—were dressed to the nines in a swanky number or chose gym shorts and sandals (yep, saw ‘em) everyone was having a good time. And if you weren’t, you could look over and see the couple in the corner shimmying like there was no one else there, or the folks in the back of house having a dance party. Rest assured, they were soaking it in for you.