(L–R) Little Hurricane's Tone and CC in the green room before the show. Photo: @LMSORENSON

Little Hurricane @ Urban Lounge with Wildcat Strike, Kyle Henderson

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Blues duo Little Hurricane made a one time stop again and visits the “good people” of Salt Lake City on their way back from their east coast tour stops. Calling San Diego home from and last playing in New York, this group played a set at local venue The Urban Lounge with opening guests Kyle Henderson and Wildcat Strike.

With their 2014 release and second album Gold Fever still fresh in the memories of their fans all over the states, Little Hurricane announced that they are working on a third release. They plan to grace Salt Lake City again with their soulful, western-esque blues magic sometime in 2016. Providing their own unique, old-timey and playful atmosphere, you could see the use of antique cabinets as amps, charming table lamps as mood lighting for the set and the old boots set in front of the drums, as CC played shoeless, wearing only a pair of black stockings over her feet while on stage.

Consisting of Tone (lead vox, guitar) and CC (drums, mandolin, back up vocals) this seemingly straightforward setup ranges from playful, energetic, blues jams to crushing and, at times, heartbreaking hits.

Opening musical guests consisted of solo act Kyle Henderson, who provided a calm and reflective opening sound to the evening, and rock band Wildcat Strike, who amped up the energy to the next notch playing some of their hits before Little Hurricane took the stage.