Metro’s 2nd Annual Nerf War featuring the Bad Kids

Posted December 26, 2012 in Photos
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Issue 355 – July 2018 cover art

july Issue

About the Cover: For our Local Tattooing issue, SLC tattoo artist Gailon Justus has put a flash eagle front and center, heralding the bold line work of American traditional tattooing. Looking deeper into the background, he’s adorned this cover with flash in his signature style. For his tattoos, murals and other art, follow him on Instagram at @sweetneedles.

Who doesn't love a photo booth? Photo: Randy Roberts
The Wild Boys (Les Garçons Sauvages)
Patatas Bravas Al & Son: the only way to eat a potato. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Park City Culinary Institute provided a cold soup, Ajo Blanco, a Spanish soup with almonds, garlic and vinegar, garnished with a single grape. Photo: @clancycoop
Jenn Wasner backing Madeline during a solid opening set. Photo: Matthew Hunter
(L–R) Eugene and Rock Kim have started The Bean Yard in Sandy for high-quality, Q Grade coffee experience in Sandy.
Whit Hertford, Austin Archer in rehearsals for RIOT ACT’s production of Annie Baker’s “The Aliens.” Photo by Haley Hoover
Photo Courtesy of OTL Releasing
Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Photo Courtesy of Nick Phillips
Illustration: @ashleyfairbourneillustration
Photo Courtesy of Aleki Manu
Colton Woods – Andrecht Invert – Lehi, Utah. Photo: Randy Roberts