Night Demon @ Club X 07.02 with Visigoth, Deathblow, Befouler

Show Reviews

I arrived at Club X on July 2 expecting to have an incredible time, and my expectations were exceeded.

Befouler, Salt Lake City’s new black thrash metal band took the stage first for their debut show, and they were incredible. The vocalist had so much power and the incredible riffing and drumming were a refreshing injection to the scene. They received an excellent crowd response from circle pits to new fans up front chanting along to the choruses.

Deathblow followed, and their recognizable songs had the audience in a frenzy. More circle pits broke out, more chanting was heard, and the band revealed their new guitarist Mauro Diaz in the middle of their set, finishing as a four-piece.

Visigoth stormed the stage next and, as expected, they delivered an amazing show. The great sound at Club X balanced the instruments and everything was audible anywhere in the venue.

Night Demon from Ventura, CA took the stage last. Unfortunately for the audience members who left after Visigoth’s performance, Night Demon closed the night with a fantastic set. They played songs off the new album Curse of the Damned as well as their previous self-titled EP. The band spiced up the visuals with their own lighting rig and a ghoulish figure named Rocky, who appeared onstage enticing the audience to drink from the chalice in his hand.

The bands’ styles meshed well together—there was a little something for everyone. Overall, it was one of the best shows I have attended this year.