All phones, cameras and recording devices are out and facing forward during OK Go's concert on the mountain. Photo:

OK Go – Frontside Sessions @ Snowbird 04.06

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Have you ever wanted to attend a small show for just you and 80 or so other strangers, enjoy some music and, y’know, save the world at the same time? OK Go played at the Snowbird Mountain Resort inside of the ski tram for Frontside Sessions, presented by CLIF GreenNotes. Partnering with KRCL, Protect Our Winters, Rock the Vote and Breathe Utah, OK Go treated a lucky group of fans to an intimate show in transit and on board a mountain bound cable car.

CLIF GreenNotes drive environmental change with nonprofits, artists, and the fans they inspire. And this series is just a step in doing so by directly drawing attention to locations that are affected by climate change, including Utah’s winter-sports communities and world-famous slopes! Attendees are encouraged to ask the performers questions in regard to their impact on the environment, how everyone can do their part regarding personal impact, and how to vote to protect our environment.

For the April 6 event, attendees checked in at the CLIF GreenNotes table and awaited instructions near the activities center at Snowbird before excitedly chanting, “O … K … Go” in anticipation. The trio of performers, Damian Kulash, Tim Nordwind and Andy Ross arrived at the tram (drummer Dan Konopka did not perform), and were welcomed by fanfare and cheers as people made a path to the lift. Everyone shuffled into the modest-sized car and got cozy to enjoy the show.

The car took off, and lead singer Kulash welcomed everyone onboard and thanked them for coming out to help raise awareness for environmental issues. After the band played their first song, the unusually wet mountain air has completely fogged up the interior windows of the tram like a scene out of Titanic, only adding to the isolated feeling of the intimate concert. Music continued as the band played acoustic versions of fan-favorite hits such as “The Writing’s on the Wall,” “Do What You Want” and inviting the audience to sing along with “This Too Shall Pass,” jesting that they sing “almost as good as Park City.”

Arriving at the top of the mountain, the temperature in the car has reached its peak but neither band nor fans are deterred. Jackets, hats and other outer layers were shed as the tram headed back down the mountain and fans rocked along with maracas in hand. The band switched up instruments and got their guitars back in tune from the altitude change, all the while answering a few audience member questions about their current Green choices: replacing grass for an alternative, getting away from plastic drinking straws, sporting solar-powered homes. Kulash also tells of his slow progress towards veganism and shares of his homemade recipe for vegan salad dressing.

At the end of the ride, the band played other hits “This One Moment” and “Here We Go Again” as the day came to an end. The doors opened for some welcome fresh air, the band took some pictures with fans and thanked everyone for attending the day’s show. People cheered as they shuffled out the tram entrance and headed to their cars with the great experience firmly in their memories.

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