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Pompeii Gala at The Leonardo

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On Nov. 23, all anticipation came to fruition. The excitement could not be contained. Museums and galleries all over the world have been hoping for years to be selected as the next pit-stop for such an honorable presentation. Yet, the Leonardo Museum caught the eye of exhibition producers IMG, who selectively picked the local museum to be the new home for Pompeii. Spanning across the entire museum, Pompeii is a time capsule, shipping museum goers back to 79 A.D. Within the maze-like showcase, there are over 150 ancient artifacts including mosaics, frescoes, gladiator helmets, armor, weapons, a ship’s anchor, lamps, jugs, cups, plates, pots, pans, household objects, furniture, jewelry, medical instruments and tools. To further glamorize the experience, the exhibition features a 4D theater, which presents an in-depth display of the effects that Mount Vesuvius dispensed on the day of the eruption. The exhibition introduces villages as they were 1700 years ago when Mount Vesuvius showcased its mighty power, erupting and encapsulating an entire city with volcanic ash. Essentially, everything in sight was encased in a blanket of cement-like volcanic ash, leaving the city and its inhabitants preserved forever.

Opening day of The Leonardo‘s exhibit was well attended. Salt Lake City is honored to feature this iconic display of history not only for locals, but also for touring visitors. On this beautiful Saturday, The Leonardo kicked off Pompeii with an exclusive gala featuring highly ranked city board members, artists, musicians and loyal Leonardo members. All guests in attendance were spoiled with luxurious food and beverages, and deservedly so. This was a black tie affair, inviting high class individuals to come together and experience the exhibition in a laid back yet divine atmosphere. All present were rewarded with a first glance at Pompeii and its compelling  history. The night was perfect. Engagements were made, connections were revealed and most importantly, a beautiful museum experience was had.

Pompeii is now open to the public through May 3 and is well worth the price of admission. For more information on the exhibition and ticketing, please visit the Leonardo Museum website.

All photos: Nathan Gentry

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