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Issue 364 – April 2019 cover art

april Issue

About The Cover: Utah’s craft beer scene and market is becoming ever expansive, much like our state’s sprawling red-rock metropoles. For our 12th Annual Beer Issue, renowned printmaker Travis Bone imbued such formations with beer vessels. It’s also a coincidental nod to our Parks n’ Pints piece. For more of Bone’s work, visit

Photo courtesy of Crowdsourced Comedy.
Everything nerdy for sale at FanX19 inclluding massive posters. Pro Tip: Have a plan for storing such large purchases during the con, or you will be stuck holding it all day... Photo: @Lmsorenson
Photo: Jennifer Thayn
Photo: @Lmsorenson
Photo courtesy of Lucre Films.
The Drums | Brutalism | Anti-Records
Brewer Colby Frazier views the ABV increase of tap and commercially available beer from 4 to 5 percent as a boon to the local beer community.
Head Brewer Nils Imbolden spearheaded Wasatch’s Kick-Back Series, a small-batch, highpoint treat available at the Park City Wasatch Brew Pub.
(L–R) Art’s Place co-owners Yolanda and Art Sanchez offer a hidden gem of a dance club in SLC’s Westside, and welcome all who are looking for a fun night of dancing.
Siri Elaine uses her artwork as a pathway to healing an self-discovery.
Illustration: Ricky Vigil
Photo: Eleanor Lewis
Sometimes being hit by a car on your bike spurs a #HoldMyBeer moment
Jason Stock's preferred beer style is a good ol' Stout. Photo by Chris Hollands
Shana Cleveland | Night Of The Worm Moon | Hardly Art