Run The Jewels @ Urban Lounge 11.17 with Despot and Ratking

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Run The Jewels @ Urban Lounge 11.17

Run The Jewels brought their trademark brand of intelligent thuggin’ to Urban Lounge, bringing along fellow hip-hop artist Despot and the rap group Ratking.

Despot does not have an album out yet, and Ratking just released their debut studio album “So It Goes” earlier this year, but it’s clear that both groups are talented and passionate. Despot has a quirky energy, but Ratking manages to be a great mix of mania and passion.

There aren’t a lot of groups around that manage to fit as perfectly together as Killer Mike and El-P. Becoming fast friends during the recording of Killer Mike’s “R.A.P. Music” album on which El-P did the production, these two make no bones about their love and respect for each-other, and it shows onstage that they’re best friends. Sometimes it just works, and Run The Jewels just works, perfectly and completely. SLC brought its A-game too, a packed house being the perfect turnout for an excellent and energetic set. 

If you haven’t heard Run The Jewels yet, both of their albums are available for free (and legal!) download from the group themselves.

Run The Jewels

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Photos by Matt Brunk