Salty Flea Market @ Kilby Court 5.2.10

Posted May 7, 2010 in Photos
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Issue 366 – June 2019 cover art

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About The Cover: Brent Courtney works a photo enlarger—which casts light through a film negative and onto photo paper—into a phone booth, celebrating old techniques. The presence of photo-paper trays underscores the many photo-making options we have in a contemporary setting amid digital photography. Find more of Courtney’s work via Instagram, @brent_courtney.

A stunning example of insane craftsmanship at the Junction City Chopper Show.
Overlooking the festival grounds, we can see the crowds as they make their way out to the shuttle for the stops around town.
SLUG Cat racers in action.
WASI in full color
Photo by: Ori Media.
Fouzia Abdirahaman of Kafe Mamai serves up some fresh cooked jerk chicken. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Headliner Billie Eilish serenades the sold-out crowd. Photo: Colton Marsala
Photo: Lindsay Beaumont
Photo: Lawton Howell
The view outside El Viroleño
Céline Downen
Photo (L–R): Daniel George, Carsten Meier
Etsuko Kato
Denae Shanidiin
Photo: Matt Rubin