Urban Lounge has always played an incredible host for any number of events and tonight was no different.

SLUG Mag’s Time Warp: 30th Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party

The Dirty 30. A coming of age? A thirty pack of Keystone beer? A moment where one begins to hit their sexual prime? We ponder which of these definitions applies to us as we enter into our 30th anniversary of SLUG Magazine. Do all of them apply? Do none of them? This is truly too deep a thought to consider as we look toward the future of the magazine and reflect on the days of old. Instead of drowning ourselves in a pool of tears and having a mid-mid-life crisis, we decided to throw a time warp party and invite out all our friends for a night of bingo, bananas and bombs of the Jager variety. Saturday night at Urban Lounge is almost always a good idea when you are looking for an interesting story to tell your work friends on Monday, and this week was no different. Whether you were looking to score some free SWAG, relax over a chill game of bingo, dance your heart out to a group of musicians dressed in home-made sesame street-esque attire or just grab a drink and play some custom-made arcade games—we had it all. Thanks to the melodic jams of Cool Banana, Durian Durian and Finale Grand, our anniversary party was given a soundtrack that would propel us into the next 30 years with that funky, yet sophisticated style we are always known for. As an added bonus, guests received a free screen-printed shirt at the door, ready to decorate to their hearts desire ensuring that we would all be dressed to impress as we surpass this milestone. If you missed out on our time warp party, there is no need to worry, as we have you covered on all the highlights in the gallery below. Next time, mark your calendar to see what we have in store for year 31.