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A Vintage Queen: A Deep Dive into Hannah Ruth

Local stylist and fashion blogger Hannah Ruth describes her style as a mix of vintage, Victorian and modern fashion trends. … read more

SLUG Style: John Cottrell

In this month's "SLUG Style," Mbody founder and staple of the SLC yoga scene, John Cottrell, shows off his clothing line and warm smile. … read more

Meow Wolf Gives Inner Children a Shopper’s Wonderland at Omega...

After 2020, the concept at the center of Omega Mart—the grocery store—is even more important than when Meow Wolf began the project in 2009. … read more

Black to the Future: Celia C. Peters Talks Afrofuturism: Blackness...

Celia C. Peters believes that Afrofuturism can take many different forms, and that what storytellers choose to do with it is wide open.  … read more

Content Shifter: 9 Fox Nation Shows to Never, Ever Stream

Here are nine Fox Nation shows to be cognizant of when Gramps goes off on some unhinged rant about the Demoncrat's latest antics. … read more

Unity out of Wreckage: An Interview with Taraamoon

Led by the avant-garde duo 9T Antiope, the experimental hip-hop nonet Taraamoon provide a beacon for Iran's progressive hip-hop community. … read more

Beer Review: RoHa Brewing Project – Transom Dark Pale Ale

Don’t be fooled by the darker color of the Transom; it’s a refreshing beverage that seems to be built for the transition between seasons. … read more

Uber Driving!

In this month's Mike Brown: Uber Driving! "Overall, the job is kind of fun. I don’t like people, but I like talking to people." … read more

Patience and Peace: An Interview with Tyler Holmes

More than anything, Tyler Holmes' Nightmare in Paradise reads like a real-time reckoning with these forces of change and movement. … read more

SLUG Style: Cam Kerper

Originally from Tennessee, local photographer Cam Kerper inflects his style with outerwear one might see around SLC and Utah. … read more

Our Father Brings a Sensitive and Quirky Story of Sisterhood...

Our Father is a sardonically morose yet whimsically charming new film that rests on the shoulders of four women: sisters Beta and Zelda. … read more

Bold & Beautiful – SLUG LGBTQ+: Electra Jones

Known onstage as the performer Electra Jones, Jordan Ruggeri explores themes of gender and identity through the art of transformation. … read more

Black History Month Gallery Show @ FICE Gallery, 02.26

The Black History Month Gallery Show helped set the tone for what is in store in terms of community-based fundraising for FICE. … read more

Bold & Beautiful – SLUG LGBTQ+: Lux Saint Diamond

For Lux Saint Diamond, who has been performing since they were 19, drag is healing, strength and individuality. … read more

SLUG Style: Memorie Morrison

Memorie Morrison is a hairstylist, Owner of Central Ninth’s Troubadour salon and she’s known for her band ¡andale!. … read more

Review: Roses & Roaches – And Yet We Ain’t Alone

Roses & Roaches = (Irreversible Entanglements x Rock in Opposition) + Patty Waters … read more

Local Review: The Great Silence – Terra Incognita

The Great Silence = Explosions in the Sky + Pelican … read more

Review: Coultrain – Phantasmagoria

Coultrain = The Internet + J*DaVeY + Steve Spacek … read more

Review: Lisel + Booker Stardrum – Mycelial Echo

Liesel + Booker Stardrum = Caroline Polachek + Holly Herndon x Julianna Barwick  … read more

Local Review: The Zissous – She Devil

The Zissous = The Darts + The Coathangers … read more

Local Review: Sailorsent – First Five

Sailorsent = Scarlxrd + Ghostemane … read more

Review: Xiu Xiu – OH NO

XIU XIU = Mount Eerie + Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds x Arca … read more

Review: serpentwithfeet – DEACON

serpentwithfeet = Bilal + Frank Ocean … read more

Local Review: Backhand – Kiki Alarcon EP

Backhand = Parquet Courts + Girl Band … read more

Local Review: The Dream Tapes – The Dream Tapes

The Dream Tapes is a feel-good experience that solidifies the band as Utah’s 2021 version of the Beach Boys. … read more

Review: Endlings – Human Form

Endlings = Rashad Becker + Dustin Wong + Zs … read more

Review: Nancy Sinatra – Start Walkin’ 1965 – 1976

Nancy Sinatra = Bobbie Gentry + Lana Del Rey  … read more

Local Review: Cupid Come – Stupid Dumb

Cupid Come = Tennis System + Snail Mail … read more

Local Review: Nicholas James – Somebody New

Nicholas James', Somebody New, makes it clear that he has the stuff and that his future in music is wide open to a range of possibilities. … read more

Series Review: Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Can’t Get You Out of My Head distills three decades of Adam Curtis’ long career, effortlessly juggling stories of conspiracy theory and more. … read more

Series Review: Mare of Easttown

Mare of Easttown is a soul-searching story of guilt, love, loss, secrets and facing our worst fears in our darkest moments. … read more

Film Review: Voyagers

Voyagers is strictly filler, giving re-opening theaters something borderline exciting to show until real movies start coming back. … read more

Film Review: 2021 Oscar Nominated Short Films – Live Action

The 2021 Oscar Nominated Shorts is a program of thoughtful, artistically challenging films that prove the form's legitimacy. … read more

Film Review: Concrete Cowboy

Concrete Cowboy is a relatively predictable feel-good film, but it’s one that comes from the heart and from the soul. … read more

Film Review: Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby serves as a vehicle for Rachel Sennott, and the actor dances through every scene with a palpable blend of dry wit and unease. … read more

Film Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong is everything I need it to be, and those who find it lacking are probably watching the wrong movie for them. … read more

Film Review: Boys vs. Girls

Boys vs. Girls eventually settles into a groove where it becomes slightly less painful to watch because you’re getting closer to its end. … read more

Film Review: Nobody

I can’t remember the last time I’ve hoped a movie I liked as much as I enjoyed Nobody would not get a sequel. … read more

Film Review: Doors

Doors is a science fiction horror film bereft of new or intriguing concepts and it’s hard to imagine it appealing to anyone. … read more

Film Review: The Courier

The Courier isn't going to be an Oscar contender or a blockbuster, but it's a solidly entertaining thriller. … read more

SXSW Film Review: The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly...

Leah Purcell has directed a revisionist western masterpiece in The Drover's Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson. … read more

SXSW Film Review: Alien on Stage: The Documentary

Alien on Stage: The Documentary combines into one gloriously goofy and strangely inspiring film, and it truly must be seen to be believed. … read more

Series Review: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier promises to be a wild ride that restores Fridays to the state of nirvana. … read more

SXSW Film Review: Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break

You know those weird novelty-Oreos flavors they make? Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break is the film equivalent of Barbecue Bacon Ranch Oreos. … read more

SXSW Film Review: Here Before

Director Stacy Gregg has created a subdued and cerebral thriller in Here Before, akin to early black-and-white Hitchcock films such as Rebecca. … read more

Episode #360 – La La Diabla

La La Diabla draws inspiration from garage and surf rock and delivers their sound through a punk aesthetic that is as noisy as it is groovy. … read more

Episode #359 – Runestomper

Throughout Cybernetic Schizophrenia, Herrera explores themes derived from video games and sci-fi novels through synth-heavy compositions. … read more

Episode #358 – ROUGH HANDS

As ROUGH HANDS, Josie Cordova explores the biological and natural functions of living beings through the matrices of computerized systems. … read more

Episode #357 – Peachy Fingernail

“I just want to make lo-fi pop songs with my garbage equipment,” says Polly Llewellyn, who records under the name Peachy Fingernail. … read more

Episode #356 – Savage Daughters

Savage Daughters share a history that spans many critical years of their lives and culminates in a sound that is full of chemistry.  … read more

Episode #355 – Spirit Machines

“We play classic rock brought into the modern age,” says Michael Collins, the drummer of the Salt Lake City–based Spirit Machines. … read more

Episode #354 – zonekidd

“You can never kill the idea, you can only kill the man," says producer zonekidd about their path toward self-fulfilment in life and music. … read more

Episode #353 – Palace of Buddies

Nick Foster and Tim Meyers' Palace of Buddies is a project defined by a lack of commitment to any one particular style or sound. … read more

Episode #352 – picnics

Vocalist and guitarist Chazz says the best way to describe picnics is "like a scratched Nirvana CD playing from the room next to you.” … read more

Episode #351 – C.Valenta

With new material on the way, hip-hop artist C.Valenta looks to continue wielding the power of expression through music. … read more

Episode #350 – Treason Angel

Gavin Hoffman doesn't like people. In his debut release as Treason Angel, Ritual Sacrifice uses noise to channel an anti-religion, misanthropic ethos—though you may not recognize it just from listening.  … read more

Episode #349 – Sindar

For Kona Ossana, the release of his band Sindar's debut album Splintered Light was an opportunity to grow as a musician, both technically and creatively. … read more

Episode #348 – Pony Logan

Pony Logan describes his debut album, The Big Sky, as "country music for people who like Frank Ocean." … read more

Episode #347 – Bijuu

Bijuu started making beats in large part as a way to cope with the noise in his head. … read more

Episode #346 – MCKC

MCKC processes the thoughts and feelings he can't bring himself to say plainly through his eponymous personal project.. … read more