Snowbasin Opening Weekend 11.29

Posted December 2, 2013 in Photos
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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine
Issue 353 – May 2018 cover art

may Issue

May is Bike Month, and SLUG continues to celebrate it in our Sixth Annual Bike Issue. SLUG illustrator Andrew Colin Beck conveys our wonderment with the possibilities that bicycles and cycling offer. With color and near psychedelia, Beck’s style has us pumped to feel like we’re riding on clouds in the sky. You can find more of Beck’s work at

PEARS hit Kilby Court on Sunday, Ma7 27.
Kimbra. Photo: Micaiah Carter
MGMT. Photo: Brad Elterman
Pedro the Lion. Photo: Ryan Russell
Bryer Wharton, the metal mastermind behind BS Mag.
Ralph Teach Elrod | It Will Get Tough: Bikers Cops | FriesenPress
Erika Longino. Photo: @clancycoop
Peter Hook and the Light at Metro Music Hall. Photo: Ryan Michael Painter
The Fratellis onstage at The Complex. Photo:
(L–R) Anton, Niloo, Bryce and Andy cheers the SLUG Mag team for throwing together such an awesome event. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Courtesy of Anne Fudyma
Photo: Jennifer Thayn
(L–R) SLAY SLC founders Tia Aiono and Michael Elliott. Photo: Erik Olson Photography
Cheese and Charcuterie board built around both domestic and imported cheeses, cured meats and locally brewed craft beers.
Photo Courtesy of Studio Canal