Space Venture Coalition @ FilmQuest Festival 06.20

Show Reviews

On June 20, I joined FilmQuest and the Space Venture Coalition (SVC) for the greatest space rock opera in Earth’s history. FilmQuest founder Jonathan Martin saw a live performance of Provo’s own SVC and thought they would be a great fit to his film festival. He was not wrong about that! SVC take you on an outer-space adventure on the Starship Fermi to investigate a strange signal coming from The Beautiful Planet. They battled a giant space monster, saved the ship, and they meet the Space Queen!

While entering the theater, all members of the audience were given a name tag with a position and an emergency envelope filled with a special item. SVC had chairs filled with silver balloons for the audience members to throw around during a part of the performance.

It all started with a few sci-fi short films before SVC lift off. After five, well-made short films played, SVC came out and started the countdown to go into space, lead by Captain Jarad. SVC played in front of the movie screen and had images and small clips going throughout their performance. They were all dressed up in their space attire and ready to show the audience the space adventure of their lives.

I would have to say that I have been to a lot of rock shows, but the effort and amount of energy SVC put into their shows is fantastic and very entertaining. If you happen to have the chance to see SVC, you should not pass that up.