Submerged in Art 03.29

Posted April 1, 2013 in Photos
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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine
Issue 350 – February 2018 cover art

february Issue

In this issue, which is a plural snapshot of local contemporary art in Utah, we asked local artist Jacob Haupt for a selection of photos from his series Beyond the Super Rainbow. His choices and arrangement of photos from this series pulse with the spirit of contemporary art that we find galvanizing. For more of Haupt’s work, go to

Photo courtesy of MP Cunningham
Courtesy of Deconstructeam and Devolver Digital
By Bob Plumb
CAKE frontman John McCrea enters onstage. Photo:
Photo courtesy of Judge.
Ron Pope at Frontside Sessions. Photo courtesy of CLIF GreenNotes
Obsidian, aka Benjamin Major. Photo: ThatGuyGil
Jordan Blok. Photo: @clancycoop
Bernard and Huey | Slamdance Film Festival
Tomb of Annihilation | Wizards of the Coast
Photo: Dawn Ottero
Blade Runner 2049 | Warner Brothers
Front Row Film Roast founder Trevor D. Kelly. Photo:
Desire Lines | Main Gallery | 01.26-05.26
Magic Giant played the inaugural Frontside Sessions show on Jan. 31 at Snowbird. Photo: Eric Walle
Photo: David Conn
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