Sundance 2011: We’re Not Camera Shy!

Posted January 23, 2011 in Photos
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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine
Issue 358 – October 2018 cover art

october Issue

About the Cover: Our October Local Design Issue touts Jill De Haan’s illustrative lettering. A bird and foliage are behind “Lorem Ipsum,” which refers to a Latin blind-text tool that helps designers uphold the impact of their layouts without words distracting from the composition, with relatively normal grapheme distribution. Find more of De Haan’s work at, and read her story on pg. 20.

Photo: Rick Pollock
Garret Clark Borns sporting a custom Nike track suit.
Photo: Colton Marsala
(L–R) Adrian Evans, Matthew Windsor, Shea Ledesma. Photo: Jennifer Thayn
Photo: @clancycoop
Photo courtesy of Zane Barrow.
Alex Topolewski
(L–R) Brighton Ballard and Derek Ballard flex their design and branding prowess with their risograph machines. Photo: Colton Marsala
Marisa Morán Jahn (Studio REV-), The Source, 2018, photograph, 40 x 30 in., featuring Aisha.
Photo: John Barkiple
Alan Peck. Photo by Matthew Hunter
Pretty Bird synergize vibrant spices and luscious toppings in their signature Nashville-style hot chicken sandwich. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Illustration: @ashleyfairbourneillustration
Photo: @clancycoop
Alyxandri Jupiter composes each element of her songs, and channels her spirituality while doing so. Photo by Jessica Bundy
Good Standing set designer Keven Myhre. Photo: Darin Doman
Kassie Scribner. Photo by Matthew Hunter
Photo: Chris Hollands