Sundance Film Festival 2018 Days 2–4 @ Park City


The world-famous and highly influential Sundance Film Festival erupted to a lively opening weekend in 2018. Park City’s streets were packed with fans and filmmakers making their way from location to location, and locals were also out and about in droves to take their chances with some celebrity encounters or watching from their porches as the neighborhood exploded with activity. Whether you were attending screenings, peeking into a party or just visiting the shops on Main Street, everyone was prepared with snow boots, warm clothing and plenty of patience with the traffic.

The indie-rooted film event continues to evolve, and while this year’s lineup includes many lower-budget features and documentaries, it also includes high-profile premieres such as the highly anticipated Mandy with Nicolas Cage, Wild Life with Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan, Blaze with director Ethan Hawke, and more.

Each year, the Sundance Film Festival pushes itself to celebrate the range of content being created worldwide, hosted in an efficient and high-energy yet cozy mountain setting.

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