Stoneground helps us stay healthy with their house-smoked mozzarella on top of blistered green beans, pickled shallots and finished with cashews. Photo: Talyn Sherer

Salt Lake Magazine’s Tastemakers 2018

Food Festivals & Events

Salt Lake Magazine’s annual Tastemakers event is a surefire way to kick off the summer festivities. With food and drink vendors from around the state coming together to put on a two-day, food-devouring festival, it never ceases to amaze. For those who have never attended this event, let us break it down for you. With the purchase of a two-day ticket, you are given a “passport” to stop by different food vendor booths and sample a bite off their menus. With over 20 food vendors inside The Gateway, you’re given a rare opportunity to hop from restaurant to restaurant without having to drive several miles. Once you have completed the sampling session at The Gateway, you can head over to the shuttle, which makes routine stops at even more restaurants that are participating in the event. Whether you love the delicious crab cakes being offered at Market Street Grill or want to try some ceviche from Squatters, the options are wide open. VIP patrons get additional tastings from various other restaurants and the added bonus of five drinks, ranging from a rosé wine to a craft cocktail by a local distillery. Tastemakers is an event that many locals look forward to each and every year, and it always brings with it a new sense of adventure and unique flavors. For those who love a date night and can’t decide on the best restaurant to try, come out to Tastemakers and try them all.

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