Sara of Tegan and Sara providing vocals in SLC. Photo: @Lmsorenson

Tegan and Sara, Shura @ In The Venue 09.22

Show Reviews

Tegan and Sara, fresh off their newest release, Love You to Death, are on the road again and stopped into Salt Lake City at In The Venue. Fans, couples and families lined up outside and around the building, waiting for the doors to open—no rainy days and stormy winds would deter them. As fans of all ages entered with their checked bags and torn tickets, they ran to their spots trying to find the best view of the stage, while 21-plus attendees were welcome to visit the bar area or take their place on the upper deck that wraps around the main room.

After all the fans were settled in, the first performer to take the stage was Shura, an English singer-songwriter whose synth, indie and pop sounds, backed up by electronic drums and keyboard, reminded of throwback, borderline nostalgic electronic pop. It was clear that the crowd at In the Venue consisted of both new and long-time fans of this mellow and soft-spoken yet passionate artist.

After a break, the sun had finally set, the cold fall storm air clashed with the audience’s body heat and folks are ready for Tegan and Sara to take the stage. Entering on top a raised stage platform blasting with white and blue pulses beneath, Tegan and Sara towered over the audience, and with beats dropping, they played hits from their albums old and new. With the duo’s noticeable transition to a more electronic-pop sound, fans were not only on board with the change but also relished in it, repeating the already taken-to-heart lyrics from the latest release.

With a slight chill in the air (acknowledged by the duo, who thanked their fans for braving it), the energy of this venue only burned brighter as the evening continued. Song after song, people of all ages and on each floor ate up every note being played and enjoyed every last minute.