ThirtyTwo Day @ Brighton Resort 03.02

Each year, ThirtyTwo—one of the main sponsors for Brighton Resort—organizes a fun and pretty difficult bank slalom for everyone who wants to participate. The event always happens on the second day of March as it is a 3.2 day—pretty cool idea, huh?! This year they had to cap the slalom at 200 peeps! The weather was perfect and everyone was super hyped on the course and tunes provided by Matty Mo. Big thanks to Brighton Diggers for making the course and Jared Winkler for organizing this event. And of course, all the ThirtyTwo riders who showed up and enjoyed the day.

See you all next year, make sure to get there early so you can get in!


Overall ThirtyTwo Day Results:


1. Chris Frost

2. Tristan Heiner

3. Jeremy Thornburg


1. Isabella Borriello

2. Kelly Underwood

3. Nirvona Ortanez

Banked Slalom Results:



1. Dylan Bidez – 28.07 seconds

2. Merrick Joyce – 28.08 seconds

3. Jeremy Thornburg – 28.14 seconds



1. Kelly Underwood – 31.70 seconds

2. Isabella Borriello – 32.80 seconds

3. Nirvona Ortanez – 33.14 seconds


Rail Jam Results:


1. Alex Lockwood

2. Andrew Aldridge

3. Jeff Hopkins


1. Grace Maverick

2. Isabella Borriello

3. Nirvona Ortanez