Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Photo:

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue @ Red Butte 08.17

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Since his performance at the Twilight Concert Series in 2016, Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty returned to Salt Lake City at the Red Butte Gardens Amphitheatre to perform a sold-out summer-night show to the hills above the city. Groups, couples and families gathered hours early to get their prime location on the grass at Red Butte Amphitheatre. Blankets, coolers, wine and smiles cover every inch of the outdoor venue, and amid the hustle of the lines to the merchandise tents the roar of applause takes all the attention to the stage. As bass player Mike Bass-Bailey, guitarist Pete Murano, baritone saxophonist Dan Oestreicher and tenor saxophonist BK Jackson take the stage one by one, they dance to the beat with instruments in hand. After a few seconds, the music builds, and Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews walks out with his trombone and trumpet in hand, smiling and gesturing with his brass partners in crime, welcoming the audience to the show.

The energetic blend of funk, brass, hip-hop and jazz frees the audience members from their camping chairs, and with cups in hand, the crowd dances and sways to the rhythm. Sunglasses, smiles and note after note blast from the stage as Trombone Shorty takes over vocals with backup singers arriving in the back of the house. Hits like “Do to Me” and “Here Come the Girls” play on with welcome and impressive guitar, sax and other solo performances being highlighted throughout.

As the sun sets behind the tress on the nearby hills, the light goes down, but the music is only getting started. This New Orleans–based group is packed with talented musicians who visually enjoy both the music they create as well as playing it together. The only people who perhaps enjoy it more are the audience members who sway and shout their joy towards the stage.

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