Kaytranada provided more music for the night. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros

Twilight 2017: Solange, Kaytranada, CHOiCE 8.10

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The Twilight Concert Series on Aug. 10 featured artists CHOiCE, Kaytranada and Solange. Thirty years of music and Salt Lake City tradition brought these three artists to Pioneer Park for the concert’s fourth show of this year’s concert series. The venue was ready for the night’s performance in Salt Lake City. The vendors were prepared and greeted the crowd as they began to come into the park. The Twilight Concert Series isn’t only known as being a series of concerts, but also one of the biggest social events in Salt Lake City.

After some scheduling delays, local opener CHOiCE, aka Nicole Jaatoul, took the stage, keeping her audience’s attention and playing a set to a good-sized crowd. Song after song, the crowd felt the music. She set the tone for the night’s show.

Again, after some more delays, Canadian artist Kaytranada played second. Kaytranada isn’t only known as a DJ, but also a record producer. By the time his set started, Pioneer Park was full. Kaytranada had the crowd moving throughout his set. You could feel his presence in the songs that were being played.

Airport weather delays were the cause of the late show. Solange took the stage at 10 p.m.—several eager fans had arrived early, waiting from 5 p.m. to see her performance. Solange didn’t just provide a vocal expose but a visual one as well (press photos were prohibited during the set). Combining dance, R&B and a beautiful stage setup, this night’s Twilight show was blessed with a full experience of A Seat At The Table.

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