Twilight Concert Series 2015: Flying Lotus, Run the Jewels, House of Lewis

Music Festival Coverage

Where do I even begin to explain what I had witnessed on Thursday night? I am still coming down from the transient high that overtook me as I watched Flying Lotus perform. There are few words I could use to describe how euphoric the experience of seeing Flying Lotus perform really is. Twilight really impressed on all levels, from the local act House of Lewis to the hardcore hip-hop duo Run the Jewels. There was not a single disappointed face in the crowd, except maybe the guy who almost puked on my shoes. Local Utah-loving emcees House of Lewis showed their team spirit by rapping about their favorite parts of town while donning a wide array of different outfits throughout their set. Whether it was a Snuffaluffagus-inspired ghillie suit or The Big Lebowski–like naked body and robe, the fans seemed to enjoy these cooky nuts all the same. Run the Jewels was nothing but an energetic duo who would stop at nothing to see the crowds heads spin right off their shoulders. The longer they played, the crazier the crowd got. By the end of their set, the fans chanted for more and for the first time this year the opening act performed an encore set. Taking all that into consideration, Flying Lotus was the cherry on top and really took me through a loop. I watched in complete amazement as my inner psyche was tested through the auditory and visual stimulation surrounding me. I will keep a very watchful eye on them the next time they make a go around in Salt Lake City.