Twilight Concert Series 2015: The Kills, Metz, Fictionist

Posted August 7, 2015 in Photos,

Whoever said that the Twilight Concert Series is getting stale is probably a communist and should be shamed publicly for failing to realize the greatness of this historical event. Week four of the series has shown me how naïve I have been to have ever missed a show in previous years. Thursday night’s show was one that was truly a Twilight Concert Series favorite thus far, as bands Fictionist, METZ and The Kills performed. Fictionist started off a little earlier than most people expected, and unfortunately this meant there wasn’t a large crowd for their performance. If you haven’t heard them, look them up. Or better yet, drive your happy ass down to Provo and see one of their shows—you won’t be disappointed.  METZ was second in line, proving once and for all that Canada can and will produce amazingly talented people (unlike that disgraceful Justin Bieber). Lastly, The Kills took the stage in what appeared to be an overwhelming display of raw talent wrapped in a cocoon of beautiful light and sound and shot out of a T-shirt cannon into your brain where it produced a transient experience that left you breathless and in shock throughout the night.  The Kills are by far one of the most talented bands within their genre and their stage performance on Thursday night made me question my own sanity as I wondered why I have never bothered to seek them out sooner. I have now seen the light and it’s more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I am excited to see what the final weeks of the Twilight Concert Series have in store.