This UMOCA opening night was a huge success as people continuously piled into the rooms and corridors strewn throughout the building. Photo:

UMOCA Opening 2016


The museum-wide UMOCA opening kicked off on Friday night, drawing in hundreds of art lovers from throughout the Salt Lake valley. People from all ages came to check out the masterful works of art created by brilliant minds, such as David Brothers, Yoshua Okón, Andrew Moncrief and Paul Crow. Whether you’re into socio-political commentaries via Arabic music videos or are just craving a hauntingly beautiful tour through a cave representative of the inner workings of an artist’s mind, UMOCA had it all. As the night progressed, the seemingly empty spaces between the works of art began to fill up. It became a struggle to move between the endless crowds of people who were eager to feast their eyes on every bit of art being showcased. In recent years, UMOCA has stepped further into the local spotlight as their featured exhibits have ventured in new realms previously unexplored. If the UMOCA opening was any indication of what is to be expected from the museum in 2016, then I may need to purchase a monthly pass to make frequent visits as new artists are cycled in and out. Much of the work presented on Friday night will be on display for the next few months, giving those who were not fortunate enough to come out and interact with the artists a chance to embrace the work that they have left behind.