X-Dance Pre-Party

Posted March 7, 2007 in Photos
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SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake UnderGround Magazine
Issue 359 – November 2018 cover art

november Issue

About The Cover: Robin Namini’s elephant evokes not only the pride and strength of Utah’s local-spirits community, but a cause for celebration. A far cry from its pink cousin, this elephant heralds the hard-won accomplishments of local spirit-makers as they’ve undergone the balancing act of creating spirits in Utah. Find more of Namini’s work at robinnamini.com.

Photo: Jonathan Weiner
(L–R) Sofia Scott and Wade Leavitt aka The Harlot co-host both 2017 and 2018's Transgiving. Photo courtesy of Cat Palmer.
Photo: Ebru Yildiz
A shared moment with Tatum and Kallman.
The Hamanchi Ceviche pairs well with the Mizuwari Toki whisky cocktail. Photo: Talyn Sherer
SLUG Mag's Brewstillery brings together local beer- and spirits-lovers creating and partaking in the industry, and occurs on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Union Event Center. Illustration: Karly Tingey
(L–R) Sam Taxwood – Gap 5050 & Spencer Shubert – Nose Slide | SLC, Utah. Photo: Bob Plumb
Tyson Bowerbank – Bennett Grind – SLC, Utah. Photo: CJ Anderson
Lois Brady
(L–R) Cody Rigby, Moo Rudolph, Sully Swoboda, Andres Mitchell and Michael Cuenco. Photo: Matthew Hunter
(L–R) David Perkins and Jane Perkins. Photo: LmSorenson.net
Photo: Chris Hollands
Photo: Ryan Green
(L–R) Karina Soriano, Marc Christensen, Mike McSorley, Chazz Gustin and Channalyn Tek. Photo: Tyson Call
Photo courtesy of Moab Distillery
Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Photo: LmSorenson.net