Zola Jesus singing into the mic live at Urban Lounge.

Zola Jesus @ Urban Lounge 01.12 with Deradoorian

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Deradoorian opened for Zola Jesus at the Urban Lounge on January 12, 2015. Angel and Arlene Deradoorian filled the lounge with etheral electro synth beats in advance of Zola Jesus’ punchy vocals. Drummer Mikey Pinaud, trombonist Daniel Eaton, and keyboardist Alex DeGroot joined vocalist Nika Danilova on this first leg of the Taiga tour, and they performed in front of a huge, lighted structure shrouded in fog.

Surprising merch included a scent and incense designed by Nika Danilova in collaboration with Seattle’s Blackbird Design Studio.

Photos by John Barkiple.