Death by Salt Vol. 3

By Ryan Bradford
Posted 05/01/2008

SLUG Magazine’s DBS compilations usually offer an authoritative glimpse of how diverse, eccentric and wonderful our local music scene is. After including 59 and 42 bands on Volumes 1 & 2, respectively, the monthly pub took a lesson in editing to fit only 10 bands on the first ever, local, vinyl-only compilation-which becomes the album’s double-edge sword. The record itself is beautiful; the artwork (designed by Paul Butterfield and Dave Styer) reflects the rebelliousness of early Mormon settlers, which complements the candy-swirl, black and green of the actual vinyl. No complaints about the band selection: Blistering tracks from Trebuchet, Blackhole, Terrance DH and Subrosa only highlight a recordful of highlights. However, the small number who got the VIP treatment makes Volume 3 feel a bit like a members-only club rather than a celebration of the music scene that the publication strives to recognize.