The Island Wave: Angela Brown

On this episode we get to know Angela H. Brown, Publisher/Executive Editor of SLUG Mag and Executive Director of Craft Lake City. CLC’s DIY festival has grown in size and structure, that it now includes STEM, VIP Parties and sustainability efforts which provide Utah a Community Inclusion Program. Designed to give a more diverse community opportunity, teach the Independent Artist to communicate with them and take full advantage of their offerings; Angela says that the Community Inclusion program will provide resources for 1st time vending Artists who wish to participate in the festival and for families who would like to attend the festival.

We find out about Angela’s journey from growing up in Immigration Canyon, Higher Education and learn from the passion she has to find Makers in our Community. SLUG Magazine has reached a huge milestone of 28 years in operation and of course the party must ensue. On March 25th SLUG Magazine is going to have a SLUG Magazine’s 28th Anniversary Party Fashion Show, that showcases clothing designed by local Artisans which recreate each year of the magazine. Finally, Angela shares some of her favorite songs ~ Mahalo