Local CD Review

By Bill Frost
Posted 03/30/2006

VARIOUS SLUG: Death by Salt II

Your favorite club warriors are included (The Wolfs, Starmy, Red Bennies, Thunderfist, Tolchock Trio, et al), but some of the best tracks on SLUG’s latest local comp come from bands you’ll rarely, if ever, see live: Flying Missles’ Stooges-fueled "You Tore My Heart Out," Andale!’s fuzzy-catchy "Hit the Ground," Fifi Murmur’s haunting "Message From the Grave," Silvox’s gorgeous "Jaded." They all stand equal to cuts like Form of Rocket’s scald-rock and electronic and hip-hop inclusions from A.Vanvranken, Deadbeats-too many to fit. Of the 39, Lollipop Guild’s no-fi "Are You Done Yet?" and AODL’s noise-splat "Rubber Dress Fire" are the biggest "Huhs?" (SLUGMag.com)