By Jamie Gadette
Posted 02/15/2007

Most kids celebrate their 18th birthday with cigarettes, strippers and the draft. SLUG did all those things (except the whole armed forces part) as soon as it hit the streets as Salt Lake City’s premiere underground music publication. Since then, the magazine has walked a nice line between anarchy and conscientious objection all while supporting local bands. And, though some might argue the unpaid writers devote too much copy to national acts, you’ve got to hand it to Editor Angela Brown and crew for centering their anniversary party around four defunct Salt Lake City groups with a reunion extravaganza. Somewhere someone is freaking because Iceburn are performing. Not sure if the same level of obsession applies to Clear, The Stench and The Corleones, but they’re certainly legends in their own right. Rock! Club Vegas, 445 S. 400 West, 9 p.m.